Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tree Ripened

"Tree Ripened" by Scott Ruthven 11x14" Oil on Panel
My neighbor has a pear tree that didn't produce any fruit the first few years of it's life.  Then for several years any fruit it bore was snatched up and savored by the owner.  Now, some ten years later, this wonderful tree produces enough pears for everyone in the neighborhood.  Since I work from home, of of my favorite things to do is to go outside in the summer and "pick" my lunch from my garden and the fruit trees.  I usually grab some peas, a handful of cherry tomatoes, some lettuce, a carrot, and of course, a pear if they are ripe.  There is nothing like biting into a slightly soft, tree-ripened pear.  The smell of the fruit on the tree, the sweet juice in the pear, and the connection I feel to the earth and the magic of it all.

Pears are frequent subject matter for artists but most of the time, they are bruised and beat up during their long journey from farm to supermarket.  I wanted this portrait to capture the pristine, colorful flesh of these pears and the life still vibrant within the very leaves that provided the energy to grow the fruit.

This painting took several days to complete.  Once finished, I sat down and ate every last bite of these pears...just as they would have wanted.

"Tree Ripened" in progress with model and a crowd of admirers


  1. I really like this painting. One of this quality shows the time committed. Beautiful painting.

    Jimmie Bartlett

  2. Lovely painting Scott, in fact all of your work is beautiful!

  3. Very beautiful. I love the simplicity.

  4. this is amazing! you are a master.

  5. How lucky you are to have fresh pears not just for eating but to paint in their most fresh state! Also you have the talent to paint them so beautifully too!

  6. Wow, Scott! I'm delighted to discover your art. These pears are miraculous! Total eye candy.... Love!!


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