Saturday, December 24, 2011

1940's Christmas - Shiny Brite Demo Part 3 of 3


Here's the wrap up of my little 5x5" painting titled "Shiny Brite".  I wanted to capture the warmth created by Christmas lights on a cold winter's night.

"Shiny Brite" by Scott Ruthven 5x5" Oil on Canvas

At the stage above, I finished the ball and it's reflection.  I tinkered with the reflected lights for a long while.  Then I painted the metal cap and hanger.  The top of the cap reflected light from a yellow bulb while in it's refection, more light from the red bulb can be seen.

Here, I painted the bulb in the box.  I kept it simple and made the reflections of the lightbulbs a bit smaller and less intense so the ball in the box doesn't pull too much attention.  I also darkened the hanger hook and added a highlight.

Here is a quick time lapse of the steps:

I learned so much painting this and really enjoyed the whole process.


  1. Quote:"...I hope I don't mess up the painting..."

    Looks like a success to me. Thanks for the demo.

  2. Wonderful painting. So much to see in such a small painting. Bravo!

  3. Scott, your painting is just wonderful, and I love the video! Very creative and well done. Bravo.

  4. Nice retro feeling to the piece, Happy Holidays!

  5. I really like this set with the vintage box and ornament. I can't believe you fit it all on a 5x5. Thanks for visiting my site and your kind comment.

  6. I love your blog, Scott. Beautiful painting! I can't wait to read (and see) more!

  7. This almost leaps off the screen! So well done!


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