Thursday, January 19, 2012

Roger Åkesson - Artist To Watch!

"Looking Up - Mini" by Roger Akesson, 8x8" Acrylic on Canvas Board

I would like to introduce you to a unique and wonderful artist named Roger Åkesson.  When I saw Roger's work for the first time, his bold, unique painting style really impressed me.  So many artists paint similar subjects with similar results, but Roger's confident, efficient brushwork guided by strong, unique compositions make his work immediately recognizable.

I bought the piece pictured above from Roger last month and although he lives in Malmo, Sweden, nearly halfway around the world from me, I was able to pay in US dollars using PayPal and the painting arrived safe and sound in a couple of weeks via the USPS.

It couldn't be easier to collect Roger's wonderful art!

I encourage you to check out (and buy) Roger's work at:
Roger's Blog: Art By Roger

Roger's Gallery at

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