Friday, January 27, 2012

Poudre River Plein Air Sketch

Poudre River Plein Air Sketch by Scott Ruthven 5"x7" Oil on canvas board

Hi everyone!  Here is a study I painted on site last weekend on the Poudre River in the Colorado Rockies.    The river is 90% frozen over but there are areas such as this where the cold, dark water breaks through.  The air temp was only 18 degrees F and the sky was grey overcast.  I set my easel up on the ice at the center of the river.  After two hours, I was a little cold but a couple sips of Scottish antifreeze warmed me back up ;p


  1. The composition is well done as well as the approach to the painting, the cool colors compliment the painting too. Great painting overall Scott, glad to have come by your blog, great work overall!

  2. Lovely landscape, you make me feel like painting rocks.

    Happy painting.

  3. The arrangement and variation of shapes in this painting have a really nice quality to them. Glad to see someone else getting out painting in the snow!

  4. Luckily you had the Scotch:-) I think you are very brave to paint outside in such cold weather. Love this rocky landscape.

  5. Thanks everybody for your encouraging words! I really enjoy painting outside. The urgency makes me just start laying down paint instead of pondering all the different technical aspects of making a picture.


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