Monday, November 28, 2011

Pochade Box Envy

Pochade Box by Scott Ruthven

Not sure what kind of Pochade box you want?  Well there are a lot of great options out there for you.  Whether you build one or buy one, check out the links below to get an idea of what's available.

The main decisions you will need to make are:
  1. Do you want a fully integrated box complete with wet panel carrier and storage for paints and brushes or a streamlined painting support and palette with separate solutions for carrying paints and brushes.
  2. What size canvas / painting supports will you want to paint on outdoors?  This will determine the size box you order or make.
  3. If you make your palette / mixing surface a standard size you can insert inexpensive pre-cut glass from the home centers.  This makes mixing and clean up much easier and your palette will last longer too.
Links for ideas:
  • Jim Serrett - Detailed instructions and materials list for an Open Box M style box and a wet panel carrier -  Jim Serrett's Post
  • David Gluck & Katherine Stone - Simple, inexpensive, Open Box M alternative but with bear combat accessory ideas! - David's Post
  • Alla Prima Pochade - Artist Ben Haggett makes and sells wonderful boxes - Ben's Video and Ben's Website for ordering
  • Charley Parker at the Lines and Color Blog - Charlie has put together an extensive overview of available pochade boxes, tripods, supports, and DIY links. - Lines and Color Pochade Post
  • Judson's Art Outfitters - Wide variety of rugged painting kits including the Guerrilla Box. - Judson's Web Page
Also, a search for "Pochade Box" on YouTube returns lots and lots of videos.  Before building my box I looked at many different setups and incorporated the features that fit my needs best.

Happy painting!


  1. Cool box. After building my first pochade box, I built another, then another, and another. Each new box was made with improvements or the excuse that I needed another box in case one was damaged or lost. I may not be done yet!

    Have you started planning your next box yet?

  2. Hi James,

    In fact I have been thinking about making a lighter weight box just to hold a painting and palette. Problem is these projects take me away from painting!



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